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February 20, 2024 2 min read

I recently went to Prague to go to my brother's gallery opening. I met so many interesting, creative people and I saw incredible art in galleries, studios, and museums. My brain was overflowing and inspired.

Many of the artists I met asked me: Why did you and your brother both end up so creative? I chatted with Mark about this question. And this is what we concluded...

We grew up in a creative home. Our dad was a builder, and we had full reign in his shop full of saws, hammers, nails and hot glue. Our aunt also had a painting studio in Seattle and we would often visit her and be surrounded by quirky, amazing artists.

Because we grew up surrounded by creative people, because we had access to experiment and were able to make a mess, and because we learned that messing up is just part of the process, we grew up imagining living our lives as creative people. 

So now, as adults, we both have found our personal creative niches. Yes, they are very different, but they are both grounded in envisioning projects, implementing ideas and creating a process for success in the arts. 

Somewhere between Kindergarten hot glue and opening Carter + Rose, I became the creative person I am today. I have become an expert in the world of handmade, and love the new relationships and connections that have come from living and breathing Carter + Rose. 

After being in Prague, I left wanting to temporarily make something completely the opposite of what I do right not. I envisioned a big installation- something less functional than a wall planter, and less adorable than a snake. I dreamed of something that is not permanent, is a bit messy, and perhaps even a collaboration... The wheels are turning, and I'm excited to see where it goes.