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February 27, 2024 2 min read

As a ceramic artist, I mostly work in three dimension. Clay lets me sculpt beautiful homewares that bring a unique element and handmade story to your home. I love the texture of clay, the way it can hold it's shape, and how the glaze can transform a piece. 

A little while ago, I realized I wanted to capture the style and feeling of Carter + Rose in cozy, two dimension. I enlisted the help of my friend and fellow artist, Drew Garza, to help me brainstorm how to translate my 3D store and art into a 2D image that felt connected and like it really fit into the aesthetic of Carter + Rose. After lots of back and forth, we settled on a beautiful image, designed in two color ways, that I love and truly represents the C+R vibe. Although we used a snake in the imagery, we wanted to make sure that the snake felt inviting and warm, and was surrounded by plants. We also added a full moon, or shining sun (depending on how you look at it), to give the image a sense of timelessness. 

I sent the final image in two color ways off to get woven into a luscious 100% organic cotton blanket in Mineola, New York. It's perfect on a couch, in the park for a picnic, or to cuddle with while reading in bed. We also decided to print these images as archival art prints (18" x 24"), using a local Portland print shop, Brown's Printing. Although so different, I love how these images translated onto both the woven cotton and the paper. And honestly, I don't know which color combo I love more- I vacillate back and forth between the two. 

Honestly, what I love most about our new Carter + Rose blankets and art posters, is how well they compliment our other products. With Spring right around the corner, these new additions to the C+R lineup are beautiful ways to brighten up a room after spring cleaning. There are also ways to bing the C+R aesthetic outside... Imagine a picnic with ceramic plates and handblown glasses! I actually just redid my kid's room, and used the poster as an accent in a gallery wall (more on that later)!