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April 02, 2024 2 min read

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we all fall into routines and habits that are familiar and comfortable. For example, every morning I like a cup of tea and then a cup of coffee in my favorite handmade mug. And, each day I challenge myself to do the Wordle, and then Connections in the NY Times before midnight. Stepping outside of our comfort zones, trying new things, and even getting a little messy, can feel scary or unfamiliar. But, picking up a new hobby, trying new food, exploring a new part of your city, or picking up an instrument, can actually boost your mood and lead to a healthier life. Here’s why!

Brain Stimulation: When we try new activities, or engage in creative problem solving, our brains are challenged. And, every time our brains are challenged, new connections are created in our brains, keeping them sharp and agile. Creative activities are like vitamins for your noggin!

Mood Booster: Being creative and trying new things can also boost our mood and create actual feelings of happiness and satisfaction! When we step outside of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves, we can experience a sense of accomplishment and a boost to our self-confidence. We get to see ourselves in a new light. Whether it’s mastering a difficult recipe or handbuilding a ceramic mug, we are reminded that old dogs can learn new tricks.

Innovation + Creation: Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. By embracing creativity and trying new things, we push our boundaries of what we think we are capable of doing. And because our minds tend to be more relaxed during the creative process, we are more adept at discovering new solutions to old problems, or thinking of completely new ideas. (This is how the ceramic snake was born!) At work, home, or with a team, fostering a culture of creativity and innovation can lead to breakthroughs, adventures, or just a big fun mess.

Connecting and Making New Friends: Trying new things often involves stepping outside of our comfort zones and meeting new people. Whether it’s joining a club, taking a class, or going to a performance, engaging in new activities allows us to expand our social circles, meet folks we may not have otherwise, and create connections with people who share similar interests. Making friends is fun!! 

Carter + Rose hosts workshops and events every month. We teach clay classes, host visiting artists, collaborate with Chayo!, the amazing food cart next to us, have pop up artists, do sidewalk sales and host private events and parties. We like to think that Carter + Rose helps build connection and community, making our little corner or the world a little bit more creative and, as it turns out, good for you!