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May 08, 2024 2 min read

The idea of Clay Time with Carter + Rose started during COVID. Even though I had to close the store and studio, I still wanted to be connected to the Carter + Rose community. I started teaching mini clay lessons on Instagram, and the lessons were a hit! Clay kits were listed on our website so people could follow along, get their hands dirty, and be creative from home. 

Now, folks still want to be creative! And, exploring creativity  doesn't have to be inaccessible or hard. Clay Time with Carter + Rose focuses on process over product. We want to show you that you can start the creative journey at home, with just a bit of clay and regular house hold items.

Every Wednesday, we are going to teach you clay basics on our Instagram!

What do you need?

  • A lump of clay! You can get clay from your local ceramics store, order our clay kit, or buy air dry clay or Sculpey at your local arts and craft store. 
  • A sponge. There are official ceramic sponges, but even a kitchen sink sponge will do!
  • A needle tool. These tools are make for clay. You can also use a sharpened pencil, fork or knife.
  • A canvas mat to protect your work surface. You can buy bulk canvas at fabric stores, or even cut apart an old pair of jeans. A piece of dry wall or smooth board is also a good option.
Each week we will cover clay basics and encourage you to practice your skills. The idea of Clay Time is to focus on the process over the product- one lump of clay can go a long way! 
Focusing on the ceramic process over the final, finished product is a super important part of honing your creative skills. Practice and repetition is where true learning and growth happen. Sometimes I think about the number of clay snakes and wall planters I have made and I know that the ease of the process now is due to the countless hours of practice that have gotten me here.
By prioritizing the process in Clay Time, we want you to practice skills, learn from mistakes, adapt to challenges, and embrace the creativity journey as the destination. 
We hope you'll join us for a quick tutorial on Wednesdays about having fun with clay, making messes, and learning new things! Our introduction to Clay Time with Carter + Rose is today! Or, if you're in Portland, you can also sign up for an in person class! Hope to see you online or in the shop!