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May 29, 2024 2 min read

When Amy Rowan needed a new spot for her gallery, A Sometimes Gallery, I immediately thought of the Carter + Rose shipping garage behind the shop. With a whole lot of decluttering, dismantling, painting and creative reuse, we made a space for her gallery to open its doors. 

A Sometimes Galley is opening its first show in the new space June 1st: Bow. And, I am delighted to be a featured artist in the show! As a ceramic artist, I used to view the act of working with clay as a purely functional process, creating wares that were beautiful, but could be used for serving meals or to microwave leftovers. I loved to think of everything I made as having a purpose for daily living.

Over time however, I grew to love ceramics as simply, form. My creative process has grown to incorporate the understanding that objects can bring delight into our lives, serving purpose through the emotional connection we have to them. Living in a space with beautiful and interesting objects gives your home a foundation of little stories that evoke memories, responses and questions. I also realize how much objects of art enrich our decor and aesthetic, making our spaces more creative and individualized. We are a reflection of the items we collect and decide to surround ourselves with. 

For the A Sometimes Gallery show, I was inspired, daily. Finding immense joy in each ceramic bow rendition, I was obsessed with translating the bow form into clay and I loved experimenting. I incorporated velvet and vintage ribbons, and brought the texture of lace into the clay slabs by pressing it through the slab roller. I loved mimicking the softness and movement of fabric in a rough, rigid material.

I let my hands dance loosely with the clay ribbons. I worried less about production and more about joy. If a process seemed awkward, I let it go. If I was inspired by a thought, I ran with it. I felt a renewed sense of creativity that made me aware of the joy that creative exploration brings to me. And I want to continue to incorporate this fresh, creativity into my daily business practice.