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Landet Candles

Hand poured in small batches in the tradition of Scandinavian simplicity and quality. Made from soy wax and high quality, phthalate free fragrance oils. 8oz candle.
Burn time: 40-50 hours.

Norrland: Sandalwood + Blue Spruce. An uplifting evergreen scent inspired by the vast forests of Northern Sweden.

Bergslagen: Amber + Oakmoss. A woodsy scent with a feminine touch, inspired by Bergslagen, a distinct mining district in Sweden, where the mining industry and making of iron and other metals have been an important part of life since the Middle Ages.

Vastkusten: Lavender. Mild and soothing lavender scent inspired by the west coast of Sweden.

Gotland: Rose. A true rose scent, inspired by Gotland, the large island in the Baltic Sea, with its main city Visby, also called City of Roses.

Skagen: Magnolia + Peony + Amber. A fresh and summery floral scent, inspired by Denmark's northernmost town.

Are: Misteltoe + Driftwood. Cheery and earthy scent inspired by one of the largest alpine resorts in Northern Europe

Smaland: Teakwood + Mahogany. A lush woodsy scent with hints of intoxicating sweetness, inspired by the Swedish region of Småland.