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Landet Soap

Landet bar soaps are handcrafted in small batches in the tradition of Scandinavian simplicity and quality. These soaps contain only natural ingredients, and they are mild and nourishing for everyday use. Made with love by Landet in Portland, Oregon. 

Fjall - Mountain: Litsea & Charcoal. A fresh citrus scent inspired by the low mountain range of Northern Scandinavia.

Skog - Forest: Bergamot & Lavender. A revitalizing and grounding scent inspired by the vast Scandinavian forests. 

Ang - Field: Rose, Geranium & Citrus. A delicate floral scent inspired by fields of Scandinavian wildflowers. 

Kust - Coast: Lavender. A calming scent inspired by the smooth granite cliffs and beautiful landscape of the Swedish west coast. 

Sjo - Lake: Fir Needle & Citrus. A bold and refreshing soap inspired by the beautiful dark lakes of Sweden and Finland. Scented with fir needle and citrus. 

Cold process, handmade 3.5 oz soap bars.