Summer Highlights!

Why hello! It's been awhile since we last chatted, so we wanted to say hello!
Walking outside this chilly morning was a glimpse that fall is in fact coming.
We thought what better time than now to send off summer, with a little look back at our Carter & Rose summer highlights reel! (Cue Beach Boys musical montage)...

Carter & Rose had an awesome and fun packed summer full of art camps, craft shows and making new artist/shop connections! Here's a peak at what kept us so busy this summer...

Art Camp!
These. Kids. Blew. Our. Minds.
Summer art camp is one of our favorite times at C&R. We love it mostly for the incredible kids we work with, but also the occasional end of camp popsicles ;)
We had artists ranging from ages 5-14 working with art teachers and guest artists on a variety of amazing projects. To highlight a few: mosaic mirrors, customized furniture, pet portraits, handbuilt ceramic mugs and masks, and incredible paper lamps and lanterns ( pictured in our blog cover photo on our heads!)
We loved camp and can't wait for next summer!

Craft Shows!
We had a fantastic time this summer at Renegade in Seattle as well as Portland. It's always fun meeting so many talented makers and seeing the shoppers that come out to support their local makers scene. Great people, great show, and so much iced coffee!

New Connections!
We are thrilled to be wholesaling to many awesome stores already and wanted to highlight our newest connection: Sublime Gifts and Finds in Seattle!
This is a great spot for ceramics, jewelry, home decor and much much more! Excited to see the wall planters in such a gorgeous space :)

Well folks, that's it for now.
Check back next Wednesday for a new on-going C&R Blog series featuring the makers we love so much! Learn more their craft, process, and most importantly, the song most likely to make them get up and dance!

Go get an iced coffee and enjoy the last couple weeks of summa summa summaaa-time!

Thanks for reading,
Now go make some stuff!