Maker Interview Series: Throwing Down with Mingei Pottery

Hi C&R Friends! 

  Hope you are enjoying this lovely Portland fall day. We know you are, but guess what would make it even better?! A donut, a sweater, a park bench and an artist's interview from us!

Peter Zangrillo is our featured artist today.

Peter's gorgeous wheel thrown work is currently the newest resident of the C&R plant nook! There are a variety of sizes and shapes of vessels and planters thrown by Peter and glazed by our very own, Anna VonRosenstiel. If you haven't seen this awesome collaboration or our favorite new space in the store, today is the day! Stop on by with that latte and take home a new planter friend..

But after you read a little more about Peter here ! 




Your Name: Peter Zangrillo
Business Name: mingei potter
Where are you from: mostly new york area

Describe your process…biggest challenge in your work…the thing you are most proud of with your craft:

The notion of mingei resonates strongly with me...simple everyday objects crafted with intention for everyday use. I am always working towards a lifestyle ideal that was shown to me by my japanese teacher over 20 years ago…to move fluidly within the studio, garden and kitchen throughout the day, treating each process, each action, with the same amount of respect, focused attention and craftmanship, none more important then the other. This process has been both challenged and heightened by being a father. To be able to include Vida into this simple rhythm is both exciting and frustrating, the challenge to demonstrate to her the dignity of process combined with the definite need to enjoy letting it all go and allowing the wildness of childhood to fly!

When not crafting/making, you love to: get out of the city…hike, bike, fly fish…explore with vida and haylie

What song is most likely going to make you get up and dance: “this must be the place” by david bynre

Thanks to Peter of Mingei Potter for being such an awesome part of the Carter & Rose makers crew!

Check back next week to meet another amazing maker. 

Enjoy the sun and go make some stuff!