Maker Interview Series: Making Friends with Friend Assembly

Happy Wednesday C&R Blog Buddies!

Here is the first of many Carter and Rose Maker Interviews.
Get to know more about our makers, their process, and what makes them great and so much fun to work with!
Here's a peak into our own Carter and Rose employee, Sarah's ceramic line, Friend Assembly! 

Your Name: Sarah Schreiber
Business Name: Friend Assembly
Where are ya from: Originally, The Mile High City/ Recently, NYC/ Now, Portland!

Describe your process:
Well I was an elementary school art teacher for a long time. I would say that is accurately reflected in the way that I work:

Smash clay, make a mess, eat a snack, make little characters with tiny faces, drop one, throw a temper tantrum ,take a nap, eat another snack. Repeat.

Biggest challenge in your work/process:
It's a big change for me to spend so much time alone.
Being a maker/artist is wonderful and exciting but also a pretty solo gig sometimes.
I am recently getting in to lots of books on tape. Turns out that turning pages with clay hands is a terrible idea...
In all seriousness, I am new to the maker world and there has been a serious learning curve! I think knowing when to pull back, when to push and when to take a step back and be happy with where things are at are all things I'm still figuring out.
Finding the great balance, and great people to help and inspire me are key :)

****HUGE shout out to Anna VonRosenstiel and Liz Carter here !!!
C&R is an amazing place full of the best people who support and encourage every creative (no matter what level of creative) soul that walks in the door.
I had recently moved to Portland after leaving a teaching position at a school that I loved in NYC. I loved teaching but wanted to see if I could strike more of a balance as a practicing artist as well.
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do in Portland but was ready to try something new.
From the moment I walked into the shop, Anna and Liz were awesome and so supportive. 
I started teaching classes at C&R and still love teaching out of the shop today!
One day, I started playing with clay and making examples for an upcoming kids class. I made a super lumpy lopsided little face on a cup. The nose fell off like 4 times...But, I showed the kids a few days later and Anna and Liz. Everyone agreed that it was ridiculous but funny. I was encouraged to make more and try lots of different things.

As time went on, people liked them and I started selling them out of the shop!
Fast forward to now: I have a sweet little ceramics line and couldn't be more excited about it! And I am one of the poster children for C&R's Mission Statement.
"Carter & Rose is a makers store and studio. We produce and represent quality handmade goods. We invite you to make and be creative too!" 😊

The thing you are most proud of with your craft:
That many people have found a Faceplanter that looks like themselves or someone they know. Or Ron Swanson... I seem to make a lot of Ron Swanson faces...

When not crafting/making, you love to:
Teach, search for the worlds greatest pizza slice, hike around Oregon with my husband and my tiny wiener dog. 

What song is most likely going to make you get up and dance:
Pretty much anything from the Spice Girls critically acclaimed and very creatively named 1996 Album, " Spice" .
Such visionaries...

Favorite Treat:
Grown up treat, Rosé
No age requirement treat, nutella. Straight out of the jar with or without a spoon.

Anything else? Jokes ? Riddles ?
This was my students favorite joke last year ...
How does Lady Gaga like her hamburgers cooked?
"raaaaaawwww raaaaaa raaaa-awwwww raw raw raw www"


Thanks C&R - you guys are the 🐝👉🏃  ( bees knees)